Frequently Asked Questions

Who is VeriFast?

We’re a Digital Verification Platform that allows consumers to securely share their banking, payroll, tax and government ID information for the purposes of quickly qualifying for services and solutions such as a lease, credit cards, mortgages, business loans and more.

Verifast is the only provider in the industry that bundles banking, payroll, tax and digital ID solutions in one complete solution.

How do you access my bank data?

We provide a web-link for consumers to type in the name of their bank and securely submit their banking login and password credentials.  Once your bank has recognized your credentials, VeriFast then reads the relevant bank data landlords and lenders need for instant approvals. Please rest assured, VeriFast does not have access to your banking login or passwords.

How do I login to my accounts?

Once you find your banking institution from the list provided, click the bank icon and key in your banking Username and Password as prompted.  If you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled you will need to be prepared to receive a text code. You may need to contact your bank to make sure 2FA is properly enabled.

Is my data secure?

Yes, all consumer permissioned data VeriFast collects is encrypted using gold standard security practices such as HTTPS and AES256. Additionally, our data policy stipulates anonymizing data after 30 days, assuring no personal identity information is associated with your raw data. Your data stays in country in the Amazon Web Services Private Cloud, which uses state-of-the-art security standards and real-time monitoring to keep data secure.  Submitting your information through VeriFast is more secure than emailing, faxing or mailing copies of your bank statements.

Do you share my data?

We only access your information with your permission and only share with parties associated with providing the services you seek, or as otherwise compelled legally to do so.  VeriFast executes on behalf of consumers and customers within all privacy guidelines and applicable laws governing consumer permissioned data transactions.

What if I don’t have online banking?

Most banks offer an easy online banking enrollment process that only takes a few minutes to complete, so you visit your bank’s website and enroll in its online banking service. Once you’re enrolled, return to the link provided and continue where you left off.

What if I don’t see my bank listed?

Type the name of your bank into the search field and choose from the list of possible matches to complete the enrollment process. If your bank does not appear in the search results, it may not be supported by VeriFast. In that case, contact your service provider for instructions on how to proceed.