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With automated financial and identity checks, your mortgage approval is just a few minutes away.

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Boost the speed of your approvals with confidence.

VeriFast automates and optimizes your approval applications to be completed in record time while providing a clear history of transactions confirming income, debt, payments and cashflow analysis in minutes.

Step 1

Start the mortgage application process

Create a customized Automated Mortgage Application for prospective clients, allowing them to easily submit answers and connect right to their bank. All without the hassle of collecting paystubs, employment letters and bank statements.

Step 2

Connect to their payroll provider

Quickly verify the details applicants provide, confirming employment, income streams, payment history and other key financial indicators.

Step 3

Connect to their banking partner

Our direct connection to financial institutions speeds up the process, allowing you to quickly verify the information they submitted against their bank records.

Step 4

Confirmed Identification

Digital ID verification reduces your risk of fraud while protecting your client’s privacy. The data we gather is encrypted, anonymized, and most importantly, protected.

Step 5

Get your report within 3 minutes

Our easy-to-read report gives you the full picture of an applicant’s financial health to reduce risk and increase your return on investment.

Integrate VeriFast into your existing workflow.

Our API gives you the flexibility to leverage our verification platform across your digital properties.

“VeriFast is helping us automate our mortgage underwriting to  achieved 12x ROI”

Lijoy Ulahannan - President
Golden Horseshoe Capital
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We’ve got your back with industry-leading security and data privacy standards.

We’ve designed our platform for optimal security. With compliance built right in, you can be sure all personal and financial information is secure. The data we gather is encrypted, anonymized, and most importantly, protected. It’s the gold standard in security practices and it’s the only way we operate.

Ready, set, get verified.

Whatever your verification needs, we’re ready to help you get started. Schedule a demo today or try VeriCheck™ for instant results.