Tenant Screening

Centralize, Standardize and Streamline tenant verifications with the industry’s only holistic applicant screening platform.

Income Streams

Employment Details

Rent Payment History

Monthly Cashflow

Account Balances

NSF / OverDraft Activity

Easily Verify:
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Verify And Onboard The Best Tenants In Minutes

VeriFast’s complete platform integrates Digital ID Verification,  Secure Bank – Payroll data to your screening process flows, facilitating applicant approvals in real time.

Real Benefits – Real Fast

Engage modern secure – encrypted digital verifications to transform your costly manual processes.

  • Beat fraudsters upfront with digital ID
  • Reduce time to approve from days to minutes
  • Centralize and standardize screening -  increasing occupancy and NOI
  • Higher rent rolls based on accurate analyses of “Ability to Pay”
  • Improve upfront experience for future upsell / cross sell opportunities

Digital ID –
Fraud Mitigation

Real-time Anti Fraud biometrics so you Know Your Customer (KYC):

  • Capture Current Name, Address, Picture vs. stated application data
  • Compare government picture ID against live video capture
  • AI based facial recognition validates applicant
  • Mobile phone compatible

Income / Assets (All Streams)

Tenants connect digitally to their bank or upload statements  to provide a full picture of their financial health:

  • Employer Payroll Income
  • Gig – Side Hustle Income
  • Government Income
  • Lump sum assets
  • Average monthly balances

Rich Behavioural    Insights & Analytics

Uncover tenant risks while identifying future upsell opportunities:

  • Detect consistent rent-utilities payments
  • Identity Overdraft - NSF instances
  • Full monthly cashflow analysis
  • Buying Behaviors - Autos, pets, smoker

Property Management

  • Reduced fraud & eviction risk
  • Significant labor costs reduction
  • Standardized processes enforced
  • Increase approval capacities 1000%
  • Full compliance audit trail documentation

Applicant Benefits

  • More immediate approvals
  • Frictionless experience – serious time saver
  • Access to housing commensurate with profile
  • Less burden gathering documentation
  • Increase credit scores with reporting capabilities
Sean J. Gilliland
Denver Real Estate Moguls
“Verifast itemizes the clients financial history, creates more visibility and gives us another avenue to help our clients, who are grateful to see we’re going the extra mile for them to get the correct information.”
Marla Coffin - Founder
Marda Management
“Our ideal goal is to provide a yes or no decision on our most qualified applicants immediately. VeriFast has made that goal possible.”
Sina Shekou- CEO & Founder
“Property managers are spending countless hours chasing down copies of bank statements, pay stubs, and drivers licenses, all of which are easily faked today from a variety of websites. By leveraging Verifast’s suite of verification and identity tools we have eliminated fraud and automated the application process to save property managers time and money.”
Hart Togman - Co-Founder & COO
Rent Panda
“Rent Panda chose VeriFast as a partner, because their market-leading technology allowed our smart tenant screening tool to have advanced functionality built-in to empower landlords to choose the right tenant for their rental - with the gamut of ID verification, income & employment verification, as well as behavioral insights, their technology is second to none and gives us, as well as landlords and investors, a competitive advantage in the rental marketplace.”

Ready, set, get verified.

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