One Universal Platform – All your Borrower Verification Analytics Delivered in Minutes

Power your digital decisioning workflows with accurate data in real-time.  Our One-Stop solution includes support for bank statement – paystub upload and the industry’s only Underwriter Transaction module to close complex bank statement loans in 24 hours.

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Income(All Streams)

We seamlessly and securely connect borrowers with their banks and capture all income sources to accurately identify:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Govt Subsidies
  • Gig Economy – Side Hustles


We instantly capture monthly balances and calculate averages to display monthly trend data for maximum insights.

  • Categorize Deposits
  • Identify Data by Month
  • Calculate – Display Trends


Summarize borrower payroll and employer data with a few clicks.  Validate employment status prior to close.

  • Employer Name
  • Gross / Net Pay
  • Duration of Employment

Tax Transcripts

Deliver full tax transcripts/data using modernized IRS systems to empower your digital underwriting processes. More insights returned more quickly.

  • All tax records - multiple years
  • Real-time monitoring for liens
  • Proactive notifications of financial changes

P&L, Cashflow

Our market leading AI Categorization, automatically delivers a complete P&L by accurately tagging income and expenses configured for each lender process:

  • All income and expense items listed
  • Calculate Key Ratios
  • Auto-Updated P&L


Not all borrowers are digital savvy so we integrated our bank statement – paystub uploader to assure no customer is left behind.

  • One-Click Uploads
  • Data Ingested and Analyzed
  • Real-Time Trend Reporting

Underwriter Transaction Module

As the market shifts to higher margin alternate lending products, Verifast continues to innovate on demand, delivering our Underwriter Transaction Module. The platform eliminates error prone manual “stare and compare” tasks and dramatically compress loan close times.

Our module allows borrowers, brokers and underwriters to collaborate in real time validating all income – expense line items and auto-generate a real-time income statement.

  • 90% auto-categorization of all Income/Expense line items
  • Borrower, Broker, and Underwriter Views – Transaction Validations
  • One-Click line item grouping
  • Real-Time P&L auto updating
  • Automatic Invites and Notifications
  • Transaction Notes/Support Documentation
  • Transaction edit “locking”
  • Full User Management - Audit Trail

Lender / Broker Benefits

  • Broader access to more loans with higher margins
  • Significant manual labor hours – costs reduction
  • Standardized processes enforced - Lower underwriting risks
  • Reduced fraud
  • Increase underwriting capacity by 500%
  • Full investor – compliance audit trail documentation

Borrower Benefits

  • More immediate approvals
  • Frictionless user experience
  • Access to loan amounts commensurate with actual ability to pay
  • Less manual labor hours burden
Lijoy Ulahannan - President
Golden Horseshoe Capital
“VeriFast is helping us automate our mortgage underwriting to  achieved 12x ROI”
Michael Beckette - President
M3 Ventures
“In this business, it’s always faster, easier and better to confirm information directly from the source. Verifast’s platform has the ability to benefit brokers and lenders alike.”

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