VeriFast's Privacy & Security Measures

Here at VeriFast we automate financial verification from applicants and provide this information in a safe and secure platform.
Kayla Gilmour
3 minute read

Here at VeriFast we automate financial verification from applicants and provide this information in a safe and secure platform. Privacy and data security is our most important goal to maintain. We consider it our deepest responsibility.

We Don't Keep Applicant Data

One of the many ways we protect our users is to ensure we do not hold data for long periods of time. Applicant data is proactively deleted from our system after 30 days.

Our Encryption

Everything within our system is encrypted with gold standard security practices such as HTTPS and AES256. Our Instruction partner is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our connection partners Flinks, Inverite and Plaid are highly respected and secure banking platform services ensuring all data ran through VeriFast is encrypted and secure.

How Does The Financial Verification Work?

VeriFast save prospective applicants the work of gathering documents such as employment letters, bank statements, paystubs, etc. It also makes filling out your application simpler, and fast. Your information is validated in a few short minutes by establishing a secure and encrypted connection with your banking institution.

You login to your bank from our secure portal, requesting your financial information. This information is sent back in a few short minutes and then is summarized in an easy to read report.

VeriFast is the most secure way to financial transfer information.

The data VeriFast gathers is encrypted, anonymized and most importantly protected.

You’ll share less information using our service to verify your financial information than you would by providing documents like paystubs, bank statements and other sensitive documents.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • We limit the information we are capturing from bank data to payroll, rent, bill payments and income related transactions and key data points.
  • VeriFast does not sell your data or have access to passwords, card numbers, account numbers or make any changes with your account.
  • After 30 days, the information provided by applicants is anonymized within VeriFast’s system, meaning the information is not identifiable and deleted.

Your Information is Protected

Our report filters most transactions out so those reading the report don't see them and only displays transactions related to payroll, income transactions, previous rent payments, debt payments and other relevant data.

VeriFast’s connection only has the ability to read transaction information. We cannot access anything else in the account. Once your financial data is verified, your account is disconnected.

Will My Sensitive Data Be Seen?

No, never. We cannot see or access card information, password or bank account numbers. VeriFast cannot login, withdraw any money or make any unauthorized transfers in your bank account. VeriFast partners with 99% of financial institutions across Canada and the U.S. and we are held to strict privacy and security standards.

Ready, set, get verified.

Whatever your verification needs, we’re ready to help you get started. Schedule a demo today or try VeriCheck™ for instant results.